Close up of shipping crate full with apples with freight truck in background

Perishables Shipping & Freight Forwarding

MTF Logistics offer a specialised solution for the export and import of perishable products including seafood, meat, dairy, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Our global network provides you with a complete worldwide cold chain transport and distribution solution to key ports and end locations across Europe, US, Canada, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

With an expert team of customs brokers and freight forwarders who specialise in temperature-controlled shipments, we can provide a reliable and cost effective extension to your perishable product supply chain right across the globe.

Insulated and refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are key to ensuring your perishable cargo maintains a specific temperature range during transit. Our freight forwarding specialists can assist in developing a tailored solution which includes all forms of temperature controlled transport on sea shipping, air cargo, road and rail transport.

In addition to maintaining cargo temperature, customs regulations around the transport of perishable cargo and food products may differ greatly to standard cargo and require additional documentation and clearances.

To ensure fast clearing of perishable goods, all agents & brokers are certified and backed up with many years of experience in handling of all customs formalities and Australian Quarantine (DAFF) requirements including:

  • Import / Export Customs Declarations
  • Processing of Refunds, Amends, Drawbacks and Corrections
  • Compliance Verification
  • Verification Audit Assistance
  • Anti-Dumping
  • OGD (Other Government Dept) information/requirements
  • Forms, Documentation & Labelling requirements
  • Preparation of Customs Documentation
  • GST information

At MTF Logistics, our aim is to help your business extend its supply chain to a multitude of locations across the globe.

Contact MTF Logistics today on 1300 710 683 and speak to one of our professional freight forwarding consultants to discuss your needs and arrange for an obligation free quote.