Are you a Business to Business Importer?


What it Costs is Important

Importers use MTF when:

  • They want a fair, clear, rock solid quote with no hidden surprises.
  • They want to work with a freight forwarder who tracks the cargo from start to finish so that they avoid extra charges like storage charges, detention charges and demurrage charges.
  • They know that there is a massive difference between the good and the bad when it comes to freight forwarders.

The good ones have all their ducks in a row, understand the process intimately and are ahead of the game when it comes to anticipating obstacles and navigating through road blocks presented by shipping lines, wharfies, customs, quarantine services and local transport providers.

The bad ones are always reacting to the situation and this is then very costly to them in terms of fees incurred for storage of goods and delays in getting freight.


Communication is Key.

Importers use MTF when:

  • They want the best communication with their suppliers, ensuring cargo ready dates, documentation etc. are all on track to ensure smooth delivery.
  • They want access to a super polite team, to a group of people who pay attention to the small print, who love co-ordinating and whose promptness in answering questions must be experienced to be believed.
  • They want someone to debunk all the fears to do with importing, to be able to help with complicated importing and to demystify the dos and don’ts so that they can have peace of mind that their goods will avoid getting stuck and instead arrive when they are supposed to.
  • Getting awesome customer service is important.
  • They want a ‘white gloves’ level customer service with detailed, clear instructions at each stage of the proceeding so that their experience of importing is so much faster and easier than with others.
  • They are in a jam with a shipment into Australia and they want someone who will handle it like it was the biggest and the most important one on their agenda.
  • They need seamless, headache free importing done by a team that scores 5 stars for their calmness, their professionalism, their responsiveness, their depth of knowledge, their adherence to the same system consistently and the value for money that they offer.
  • They want to look like a hero to their team knowing that the MTF team have got their back, tackling the most difficult jobs behind the scenes and being trusted to get the job done with dedication, focus and extreme care levels.
  • They know that being ahead of the game is so important and that the service provided is essentially the same throughout the industry at a competent level but that with us they will see that we work shit loads harder to take care of our relationship with them.


You need Global Coverage

Importers use MTF when:

  • They want global coverage and a freight forwarder who has a worldwide network of overseas agents.
  • They want a freight forwarder who can choose an appropriate agent based on their profile and can change the local agent if their offer does not suit the needs of their business so that they get direct communications via their freight forwarder and feel abreast of all their shipping movements from the moment of order placement to delivery.


Importing Made Easy

We get it. You are busy and you have endless demands on your time.

You do not want to be wrangling with the dark art that is importing!

Let MTF Logistics handle all these details for you.

Imagine being able to talk to your MTF guy (or gal) and find out where your much-needed import is up to when the warehouse guys (or the customer service team) are screaming for their goods.

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