MTF Logistics Keeping Australia Trading.

Here’s how you can be absolutely bang up to date with the impact of COVID and MUA industrial action on your essential supply chain needs.

STOP PRESS: Supply chain hell is here. It’s a fact and it’s a feature for months to come. There is no easy way of putting it. It’s a shit fight already and it's only going to get worse… well into 2021.

Supply chain nightmares, transport congestion, bookings disasters and massive logistics backlogs are here. They are real and significant. They’re happening today… right across Australia. The flow of goods is the very essence of business viability. Without freight forwarding experts like us on hand, weaving our magic dust into the mix, the threat of economic disruption and even devastation is your reality. Without us helping you, it's only going to get worse.

This is why B2B importers, just like you, are turning to us to work our magic. You cannot afford to grapple with all of these headaches on your own. You‘d be crazy to not consult with us.

Look, we know that freight forwarders are a bit like real estate agents and recruiters. In good times people believe we’re a dispensable commodity. But in times like these, you need us. You’ll see how we come into our own. This is where we hit our stride. It's where the best of us shine brightly.

We help you the business owners of Australia stay open for business. The country needs us. You need us!!

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