Wine bottles packed in cardboard box with styrofoam

Wine, Spirits, Beer & Alcohol Freight Forwarding / Export Services

MTF Logistics can provide Australian wine, beer and spirit producers with a reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding service to extend their supply chain to many locations in the Asia Pacific region or the wider world including USA, Canada, Europe and South America.

MTF’s team of highly experienced customs agents can provide a customised service, catering to all your cargo needs with tailored and well-planned solutions specifically for alcoholic beverage companies.

From specialised packaging such as cases, barrels or tanks to export permits for a range of regions across the globe, MTF’s team of freight forwarding experts has your wine and beverage supply chain and cargo requirements under control.

Ensuring wine, spirits and beer bottled exports are packed and secured correctly to reduce breakage during transit is paramount in our alcohol and beverage transport solutions. This starts at the individual bottle level and scales up through the box, pallet and container options we recommend.

For high end liquor products, various temperature-controlled container and insulated options are available to ensure that any exposure to extreme heat and temperature changes during shipping will not impact on quality, taste, and colour of this precious merchandise.

Liquor imports and exports are a highly regulated industry and legalities may differ dramatically based on the country and state your cargo is arriving in or departing from. Our team of custom brokers have had many years experience in the preparation of all relevant permits and documentation relating to alcohol products to avoid any delays in clearance and arrival of your cargo at its destination.

MTF can both advise and work with your business to develop the very best value shipping and supply chain method to suit your specific product and time to market requirements including:

  • Integrating air, sea, road and rail
  • Online cargo tracking
  • Door-to-door and priority services
  • Bottle packaging solutions to reduce breakage
  • Barrel and tank options for bulk beverage exports
  • Insulated and temperature-controlled solutions
  • Forms, documentation and labelling requirements
  • Regional permit requirements and preparation of customs documentation

MTF’s aim is to ensure your business maintains its critical supply, ensuring stock arrives on time and in its very best condition ready for sale or online distribution.

Contact MTF Logistics today on 1300 710 683 and speak to one of our professional freight forwarding consultants to discuss your needs and arrange for an obligation free quote.